Advantage of the Aluminum Panel Formwork System

Advantage of the Aluminum Panel Formwork System

  1. The amortization cost per square meter is only 50% of the plywood. Once material could not be used, the scrap value could be 30% of the product price.
  2. Lightweight is the key. 25kg/m2 makes manpower carrying easily and efficiently.
  1. Main panel is 500mm wide which makes the concrete surface more smooth and decorative with much fewer joints.
  2. The concrete verticality is better than that of plywood and steel formwork. No need to plaster the surface which saves the cost for the users and increases the building quality.
  1. No deformation under beam and slab.
  2. The system is connected only by pins&wedges and common workers can finish the installation and stripping by hammer. The construction time and labor cost is greatly reduces.

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