Wall Formwork

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Aluminum Panel System-Tie Rod Type

· Aluminum panel system is a new intergrated forming and shoring system.
· It is a flexible solution for monolithic casting or two stage casting of wall, beam, slab and staircase.

Alulite DM Wall Formwork System

· Alulite DM Wall Formwork System is ideal for some construction projects such as foundations, basements, storey-level walls, swimming pools, rectangular columns, double side retaining walls, culvert, etc.
· Material: Aluminum Frame+Birch Plywood+Steel Accessories.
· Loading Capacity:60KN/M2.
· Surface: Powder Coating or Galvanization.
· Panel Heights: 300cm, 150cm, 100cm.
· Panel Widths: 100cm, 75cm, 50cm, 25cm.

Aluminum Retaining Wall System

· Aluminum retaining wall formwork system (single side wall form system) is usually used to cast walls found in basement levels where in the other side is earth soil.
· Other usage are in casting underground chambers, water tanks, etc.