Slab Formwork

Alulite Forms Slab Formwork

· Modular slab formwork system is uniquely designed for faster erection and stripping.
· Modular panels 1.2*1.8m&1.2*1.5m can be erected by 3 men without the tower crane.

· Aluminum flying table form system is a very efficient solution for the forming of large slab areas.
· It is mainly used in frame structure buildings with open facades.

· Aluminum 12K with Early Stripping System provides simple but cost-effective solution for flat slab or slab with drop beams.

· Shoring frame system with high capacity and flexibility.
· Unique design for rapid stripping and erection.

· The AluminumShoring Props System also called 12K system provides simple but effective beam and slab decking for conventional casting works.

Our Mission

Our aim is to supply our customers with safe, efficient, economical, environmental protecting, and energy-conserving products and manage to make construction much easier.