Alulite Forms Achieve Great Success in Technical Supervising Abroad

Alulite Forms Achieve Great Success in Technical Supervising Abroad

A group of engineers from Alulite Forms, led by Mr. Wei, is doing a technical supervising program abroad, achieving great success in their efforts. The training, which focuse on advanced engineering practices and technologies of the aluminum panel formwork systme, is held in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Wei, who is the chief engineer of the team, said that the training program had been an intense and challenging experience, but that it had been worth it. The local engineers and workers will be able to apply what they had learned in real-life projects during their training program. They will receive close guidance and mentorship from our engineeers team, which will help them quickly improve their skills and working methods. They found the experience to be highly rewarding, both personally and professionally, as they will be able to complete projects much faster and with greater efficiency. It is hoped that the project will go smoothly with the help of Alulite Forms’s supervising team.

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