Automatic Climbing System
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Automatic Climbing System

· Aluminum panel system is a new intergrated forming and shoring system.
· It is a flexible solution for monolithic casting or two stage casting of wall, beam, slab and staircase.
· The panels are reinforced by tie rod and wing nut, which can make sure good verticality of wall.
· The smooth concrete surface finish after stripping eliminates the need of costly plastering.


Improve Construction Speed

· A single-stroke cylinder raises all interior and exterior core formwork at the push of a button.
· All Formwork, working platforms and concrete placing boom for an entire level can be raised completely independent of the crane.

Maximized Efficiencies

· Reduce labor costs
· Working points are reduced to a few simple steps.
· All formwork is suspended from a high-capacity superstructure reducing jobsite crane pick requirements.

High Safety Standard

· Self-climbing system is provided with Protection Screen for the working floor and three floors below.
· Integral ladders and manholes provide safe access routes between the working platforms.


Suitable Buildings

Self-climbing system is the perfect way...

Suitable Buildings

Self-climbing system is the perfect way of forming high-rise cores, bridge piers and pylons.

Customized Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of the brackets...

Customized Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of the brackets is designed specified for each construction project. It can also be designed to lift concrete placing booms.

Our Mission

Our aim is to supply our customers with safe, efficient, economical, environmental protecting, and energy-conserving products and manage to make construction much easier.

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