Foldable Column System

· Alulite Foldable Column System is an advanced column forming systems, which is foldable and adjustable.
· The column formwork can be lifted as a whole with turnbuckles by crane or moved horizontally on moving trolley.
· Alulite Foldable columns are equipped with 20mm PVC foam board, as the PVC foam board is screwed at the rear of column frame, so highly demanding concrete finish can be realized with Alulite Foldable Column System.
Brand Name Alulite Forms Place of Origin Qingdao, China Certificate ISO9001;CE;SGS
Material Steel; PVC Foam Board Usage Column Size Adjustable Yes; Modulus 50mm
Standard Panel Height 2700mm, 3600mm Extension Panel Height 600mm, 1200mm Wholly Lifting Yes
Column Size Ranges 200-600mm, 500-900mm, 800-1200mm Components PVC Foam Board, Lock Assembly, Double Shoe Adaptor, Single Shoe Adaptor, Short Turnbuckle, Long Turnbuckle, Slided Bottom Sheet


1. Sections adjustable in 50mm increments.
2. Fast moving, easy to horizontally move on moving trolley.
3. Foldable design enable this formwork system convenient to stack and transport.
4. The wholly stripping can improve the lifetime of PVC foam board and plywood.
5. Time-saving shuttering and striking.
6. PVC foam board are fire proof & weather proof.
7. No small parts loss because of wholly moving.
8. Excellent concrete surface can be obtained.
9.Height extension is done by adding or reducing panels at the bottom and connecting them with column clamp.

System Main Parts

System Main Parts

1. Column Panel
2. Lock Assembly
3. Double Shoe Adaptor
4. Single Shoe Adaptor
5. Short Turnbuckle
6. Long Turnbuckle
7. Slided Bottom Sheet