Plywood Round Column Form System

· Plywood round column formwork, a kind of integrated concrete pouring formwork, executes the best and latest standard GB17656-2008、GB153-2009.
· Two pieces of half-round formwork to joint into one column, and use the steel fixed belt to fix the two formworks steady.Easy to install and fix.
· It can be designed to pour some special-shaped columns and architectures.


Light Weight

This products is made of wood, poplar. Lighter weight than steel.

Save Construction Cost

1. High quality film protect the formwork surface from the corrosion and makes the formwork durable, improves the flatness of the concrete surface and makes the concrete surface save the second time plastering.
2. It can save 50% material cost than traditional steel column formwork and 60% labor cost.


Widely Used for Special Concrete Structure

It could be used in round column concrete pouring, elliptical column concrete pouring and other special-shaped construction concrete pouring.For some special-shaped and abnormal columns or buildings, it can be specially designed to meet customer’s requirements.

Special Timber Connection to Prevent Leaking

The sides of plywood round column formwork is concave-convex, so when two formworks jointing, the gap is very close, and also the formwork is fixed by the steel belt, so the formwork is excellent in preventing the concrete leaking.

Easy to Maintain

Plywood column formwork could be preassemble to transport for fast processing.