Aluminum Panel Formwork System

Flat Tie Type

Tie Rod Type

Aluminum Panel Formwork System

· Raw Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6
· Panel Thickness: 4mm
· Weight: Around 23kg/m2
· Reuse times: >300times(if maintain well, it can be used for thousands of times)
· Suitable Projects: High Rise Residential buildings, condominiums, townhouses, small villas, etc.

Aluminum Formwork VS Plywood Formwork

The comparison between Aluminum Panel Formwork System and Plywood System

Comparison Aluminum Panel Formwork System Plywood System
Economic consideration Size Standard sizes could achieve any structure. Easily handled The sizes are changeable and non-standard. Difficult in assembly and disassembly.
Plastering No need Need
Uses More than 300 times
formwork is standard)
2 or 5 times
A lot of plywoods and nails are consumed.
Early-stripping Yes (One set of formwork with two sets of shoring systems) No (Three sets of plywood formworks with three sets of shoring systems)
Construction Quality Good finishing and verticality. Easily expanding
Labor Sufficient, No need professional workers and the common workers could operate skillfully after short-term training requires professional workers. The workers directly effect the construction quality. While these workers are greatly required, and the cost would be higher.
Load 60KN/m² 30KN/m²
Safety Construction site Clean and Neat Messy
Environmental Recovery value 100% recycle
Scrap cost could be 20-30% of the product price.
No recycle value
Material Consuming More uses, environmental and energy-saving Few uses. A lot of plywoods would be consumed.
Construction waste Rarely A lot of scraped plywoods and nails

Preassembly in Factory

Construction Process


Step 1:
Level Survey


Step 2:
Reinforcement installation for wall & column formwork


Step 3:
Assembly of wall formwork & column formwork


Step 4:
Assembly of beam & slab formwork


Step 5:
Adjustment and Fixing of formwork


Step 6:
Reinforcement installation for beam & slab formwork


Step 7:
Concrete pouring and curing


Step 8:
Dismantling of formwork


Step 9:
Form Transferring


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