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Tie Rod Type
Aluminum Panel System

· Aluminum panel system is a new intergrated forming and shoring system.
· It is a flexible solution for monolithic casting or two stage casting of wall, beam, slab and staircase.
· The panels are reinforced by tie rod and wing nut, which can make sure good verticality of wall.
· The smooth concrete surface finish after stripping eliminates the need of costly plastering.


Brand Name:Alulite FormsPlace of Origin:Qingdao, ChinaCertificate:ISO9001; CE; SGS
Material:Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6Aluminum Thickness:4mmSide Rail Thickness:8mm
Extrusion Profile:YesWeight:25kg/sqmReuse Times:>300 times
Surface:Special CoatingPanel Width:500mmPanel Length:Customized
Feature:Monolithic castingEarly Stripping:YesApplication:House, Appartment
Reshore:No NeedPlastering:No NeedPlywood:No Need
Connection MethodUse tie rod and wing nut to reinforce the panels


Light Weight

The panel material is aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
Weight 25kg/m2 makes manpower carrying possible.

Flexible Operation

The panel system can be lifted by tower crane in whole, or dismantled and installed by labors. It can realize casting of wall, beam, slab and staircase monolithically or in two stage casting.

More Usage times

The panel is made of extrusion profiles with high strength. It is not easy to be deformed by external force or water erosion. The panel can be used more than 300 times with appropriate usage and maintenance.

Better Concrete Surface

Main panel width 500mm makes the concrete surface more smooth and fewer joints. The verticality is better than concrete surface made by plywood or steel formworks.

Improve Efficiency

1. Early-dismantling application improves the form cycle and saves cost for users.
2. No need to re-shore.

Save Labor Cost

1. Assembled easily with only pins & wedges, tie rods & wing nuts. Labors can finish the installation and dismantle with hammers.
2. No need to plaster the concrete surface after concrete pouring.


Walls & Column Forms

The panel system can be used to form large walls...

Walls & Column Forms

The panel system can be used to form large walls & columns where flat ties are not practical or not preferred. To ensure the strength of the system, steel waler, tie rod & wing nut are used.

Slab Forms

Main slab panel size 500x1200mm...

Slab Forms

Main slab panel size 500x1200mm. Strength and easy handling are both satisfied. The slab is designed with decking beam, which is easier to applicate early-dismantling application.

Beam Forms

The beam formwork is designed with early-dismantling...

Beam Forms

The beam formwork is designed with early-dismantling application. The shoring props work for back propping.

Stair Forms

Stair formworks are designed to allow walls...

Stair Forms

Stair formworks are designed to allow walls and stairs to be poured concrete at the same time. Staircase forms without top covers can realize even faster pouring.

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