Aluminum Shoring Props System

· The AluminumShoring Props System also called 12K system provides simple but effective beam and slab decking for conventional casting works.
· It can be assembly and dismantled easily for fast operations for various concrete slab design structures. Minimum number of manpower can be used but optimum productivity can be achieved.
Brand Name Alulite Forms Place of Origin Qingdao, China Certificate ISO9001;CE;SGS
Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6; Steel Usage Slab/Ceiling casting Plywood Need
Components Aluminum Beam Joist, Aluminum Beam Ledger, Adjustable Shoring Prop, U-Head Assembly, Tri-Pod Assembly, Plywood


Light Weight

Beam material is aluminum alloy 6061-T6 , whose weight is lighter compared with wooden beam or steel beam.

Cost Effective

The main components of the 12K system are aluminum beam, steel shoring prop, U-head, Tri-pod and plywood.

Adaptability to All Slab Types

The 12K system can complete any required slab layout by cutting the aluminum beam and plywood.

Material Versatile

The aluminum beam and plywood are versatile materials which can be used in other formwork systems.


Flexible Length

The 12K system is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any required slab layout. Users can get desired length by cutting the aluminum beam and plywood.

Adjustable Height

Thanks to adjustable height of shoring props, the 12K system height can be adjusted based on requirement.