Modular Slab Formwork System

· Modular slab formwork system is uniquely designed for faster erection and stripping.
· Modular panel 1.2*1.8m&1.2*1.5m can be erected by 3 men without the tower crane.
· Early stripping drop head with shoring props can be left to support the slab after stripping the slab modular panels.


Light Weight

Aluminum frame for the formwork panel is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6. It is much lighter weight compared with steel formwork.

Cost Saving

1. Assembled easily with shoring prop, drop head and panels.
2. With early Stripping application, the user only need buy one floor of formwork panels and 2 floors of shoring prop, but can finish two floors with cycle time 7-10 days per floor.

Improve Efficiency

1. Large forming surface improve construction speed.
2. 3 men can assemble and strip the formwork without using tower crane.
3. The early Stripping application will reduce the transit time of all the formwork panels and steel accessories.


Erection & Stripping

Modular panel size 1.2*1.8m & 1.2*1.5m makes the typical forming area 2.16㎡ & 1.8㎡. Easily and fast erection for 3 men. Reverse procedure can be used for stripping.

Adjustable Height

Thanks to adjustable height of shoring props, the system height can be adjusted based on requirement.