Aluminum Formwork Beams

Aluminum I Beams

· Alulite aluminum i beams for ledgers and joists are compatible with most of Alulite formwork systems.
· 5 types of aluminum h beam: 122 i beam, 140 i beam, 122 ih beam with rubber filler,140 i beam with rubber filler, 165 i beam with rubber filler.
· They are created and fabricated with precision and high-quality standards.


Product NameMaterialWeightUsage
140 I beamAluminum 6061-T63.15 kg/mledger beam
140 I beam (with rubber filler installed)Aluminum 6061-T63.16 kg/mjoist beam ledger beam
122 I beamAluminum 6061-T62.57 kg/mledger beam
122 I beam (with rubber filler installed)Aluminum 6061-T62.68 kg/mjoist beam ledger beam
165 I beam (with rubber filler installed)Aluminum 6061-T64.91 kg/mjoist beam ledger beam


Used as joist beam and ledger beam. Applied in our table form system, frame system, shoring prop form system.
Aluminium Formwork Beams

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