Monolithic Formwork Solutions

Alulite Forms Monolithic Formwork System Solutions

Alulite monolithic formwork system are used to finish monolithic casting for the walls, columns, beams, slab, stairs and so on.It includes two types as below:

What kinds of structures are
the Monolithic systems suitable for?

Then how to select the flat tie type or tie rod type for your project?

Please refer to the below chart or emailed us your structure drawing. We will design the most suitable solution for you accordingly.

ArticalsFlat tie typeTie rod type
Wall flatnessbettergood
Wall verticalitygoodbetter
Filling cavities no need need
TiesOne-time userecyclable
Erection timefastergood
Wall thickness≤ 350mm≤ 1500mm
Floor to floor height≤ 3.5m≤4m

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