Slab Formwork System Solutions

Alulite slab formwork system are used to finish casting for slab and beams. It includes five types as below:

Then How to Select Suitable Slab System for your project?

Please refer to the below chart or emailed us your structure drawing. We will design the most suitable solution for you accordingly.

ArticalsModular slabFlying table12k with early stripping12k shoringFrame shoring
Flat slabsuitablesuitablesuitablesuitablesuitable
Slab with beamsNot suitablesuitableNot suitableNot suitableNot suitable
Early strippingyesnoyesnoyes
Liftingmanpowertower cranemanpowermanpowertower crane
Floor to floor height≤4m≤5m≤4m≤4m≤15m
Slab thickness≤400mm≤400mm≤400mm≤400mm≤400mm
Working efficiencyhighhighmediumlowhigh